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What We Inspect

Roof - We review the roof covering and all components looking for deficiencies. The most common problems are leaks, worn/missing shingles, broken/missing tiles and faulty gutter systems.

Structure - We examine the structure and foundation of the home which includes the walls, floors and attic structure. Some of the problems discovered in this area consist of cracks in the foundation, termite damage to joists and rafter (roof) sag.

Electrical - Everything from the primary electrical panel to the individual outlets all throughout the home. One thing found most often in this area is called a double tap. This means there are 2 electrical wires inside of one breaker and that is hazardous. Other things to look out for are obsolete electrical panel brands, outdated fuses, faulty GFCI's and improper wiring on individual outlets.

Plumbing - We monitor the water pressure, drainage, all faucets/fixtures and the water heating system. Problematic areas in most homes include leaks, corroded pipes, and rusted water heaters. Two things to keep mind! 1. If the home has a septic tank, it can only be inspected by a septic tank company. A septic tank has to be drained to be properly inspected. 2. If the home is 40+ years old a sewer camera inspection is recommended to thoroughly inspect the pipes. Homes this old may have cast iron pipes which can be costly to replace if they are deteriorated.

HVAC - The heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Translation, the air conditioner and heater of the home. We make sure the systems are not only functioning correctly but getting to the optimum temperatures. Deficiencies observed during a typical inspection can be leaking condensate drain lines, dirty air handler coils and torn AC ducts.

Exterior - The outside of the home. We check the area surrounding the home including trees/vegetation, the driveway, walks, porches & patios. Here we typically notice things such as trees making contact with the roof covering, cracked sidewalks that could pose a trip hazard, damaged fences and torn patio screens.

Interior - We inspect the floors, walls, ceilings, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and common areas. Water damage / stains are typically discovered on the interior of the home. Other common observations include cracked tiles, worn carpeting and prior repairs & alterations. 

Appliances - Clothes washer, dryer, oven/stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal & any other built ins are tested and verified if functional at the time of inspection.

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